The Top 5 Benefits of Taking Public Transportation in Your City

by Alayn Arambula | Dec 15, 2021

Most people are stuck in a daily routine. They often hop in their car, sit in traffic, search high and low for a parking spot, then finally arrive at their destination. 

Although this is a common routine for many, it can be simplified by using public transportation. 

Public transportation offers a wide variety of benefits. Find out more about these benefits from your McAllen transportation service.

  1. Economic Benefits

Transportation agencies and organizations provide many jobs to people, which often creates more private-sector jobs. 

Furthermore, from 2006 to 2011, houses that were located near public transportation were shown to be 42% more valuable. In addition to housing benefits, families who got rid of one vehicle and switched to public transportation saved over $10,000 each year.

Those who use public transportation on a regular basis can greatly benefit financially!

  1. Social Benefits

If your only mode of transportation is driving alone in your car, you’re missing out on multiple opportunities for social interaction. 

Studies have shown that for every 10 minutes of travel by car, social connections are reduced by 10%. Even if it’s a simple greeting or making eye contact, riding on public transportation can give you the social interaction you need for your day. 

Using public transit can also create a sense of community and belonging for regular passengers.

  1. Lifestyle Benefits

In the past few years, walkable communities surrounded by public transit have gained in popularity. Public transportation allows you the freedom to head to restaurants, shops, libraries, and parks without the burden of finding parking and being responsible for your own car. 

Using public transit also takes away the dependency on others to drive you. By using public transportation, you give yourself more freedom to be spontaneous and mobile.

  1. Traffic Benefits

In the U.S., public transportation reduces travel time by 865,000,000 hours. If public transit was used more by Americans, that number would only increase. 

Riding with public transportation instead of by car can also decrease the amount of traffic congestion on the roads. 

With public transportation, you don’t have to worry about sitting in stop-and-go traffic and adding extra time to your commute.

  1. Healthy and Safety Benefits

Because public transit often requires you to walk to and from transit stations, you get more steps and exercise in. Those who use public transportation were shown to have a lower mortality rate, a happier disposition, and a more productive workday. 

If you were using your own car, it’s more likely that you go straight from your garage to your car without much walking. You may have a harder time waking up and being productive throughout the day without that morning walk.

Riding with public transportation can also have safety benefits. Public transits take more high-risk drivers off the road, decreasing the chances of crashing. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Transit Administration, using public transportation is 10 times safer than traveling in your own vehicle. 

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You may have never thought that public transportation was an option. Maybe you’ve heard of it but are afraid to give it a try. Public transportation can offer a wide range of benefits from economic and social to lifestyle and safety. Don’t take our word for it though, see for yourself when you give your McAllen public transportation service a try!

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