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The mission of the McAllen Police Department’s Training Unit is to provide instructional programs that integrate department and community needs for sworn and non-sworn the efficient processing of prospective employees of the department.

Entrance Examination Notice for Police Officer
Police Officer Requirements & Salary
Police Officer Preliminary Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I become a Police Officer for the City of McAllen?

Q. Is there a study guide for the Civil Service Exam?
A. No. There are no study guides prepared or offered for this exam. General Service Exam study guides may be commercially available.

Q. If I pass the Civil Service Exam, what is next?
A. You must successfully pass each of the following. 

  • Pre-employment Physical Fitness Assessment
  • Oral Board Interview
  • Pre-employment Polygraph Examination
  • Complete Background Investigation
  • Second Oral Board Interview
  • Medicals
  • Selected for a Police Officer Position

Q. How often do you test for police officer positions?
A. The Civil Service Exam is not predetermined. It is based on current department vacancies so it is best to contact the Civil Service Director’s Office at (956) 681-1400 or the McAllen Police Department Training Unit at (956) 681-2130 for information on possible test dates.

Q. Do you allow lateral transfers?
A. No. All McAllen Police Officer hiring is subject to requirements in question #1.

Q. If I have a university degree from an accredited college, does this allow me to go directly into a specialize division such as Investigations, Narcotics, C.S.I., etc?
A. All new Police Officers are required to successfully complete a field training program after academy graduation. The field training program is a part of the Uniformed (Patrol) Services Division. Therefore, all entry level officers begin their service with the McAllen Police Department in the Uniformed (Patrol) Services Division.

Fitness Standards for Police Applicants

Fitness Standards (Revised 08-28-2012)
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