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Crime Records Bureau: Precious Metals License/Permit


As per McAllen City Ordinance Article II, Sec. 86-41 (Precious Metals & Jewelry), any dealer who intends to engage in the business of buying used and/or scrap jewelry, precious and/or semi-precious articles, monies, silverware or any other item covered in the article shall file a written application for a license with the Chief of Police. The business license is issued and shall be valid for a period of one year. Reissuance shall be achieved by resubmission as per Sec. 86-42(b).

License Requirements

(Applications will be returned & denied if they do not meet all of the requirements below)

  • Dealer License Application (Download form)
  • Licensing Fee of $10.00 (payable to City of McAllen)
  • Proof that an assumed name certificate has been filed with the County Clerk
  • Proof applicant is authorized to do business as a corporation in the State of Texas
  • A complete Criminal Background (CCH) from the Texas Department of Public Safety for all the employees that will be included in the application.


Dealer License Application Form [PDF]

Download the Dealer License Application and complete. Submit completed form in person or by mail accompanied by the $10.00 fee. The fee may be paid by cash/check or money order in person and only by check through the mail. Make check/money order payable to the City of McAllen. Do not send cash.

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