Move McAllen Transit Survey


Metro McAllen is dedicated to connecting people to their community by providing the best transit service possible. Move McAllen is an effort to understand how to best serve the community in the coming years. An important part of this effort is listening to and understanding what people in McAllen want when it comes to public transportation. We have created this short survey to hear from you, no matter how you travel. Your feedback and comments help us understand the needs and wants of the community and will directly inform recommendations for improving future transit service in McAllen.






Improving transit is often a balancing act of deciding where the bus picks you up and takes you, how often the bus comes, and during what time of day you can take the bus. In other words, frequency, span of service, and route design are all important aspects to delivering transit service that works for you. We like to think of these as the “Tools of Transit.” As your transit service provider, we want to understand what is most important to you.



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Origin-to-Destination public transportation service for people with disabilities who are unable to use Metro buses.