COVID-19 and Public Transportation: Why Buses Aren’t to Blame

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, from grocery shopping to vacationing, and we still don’t know all of the impacts that it will have. Public transportation has been a hot topic over the course of the past year, and it’s become even more clear how essential this service is.

Read on to learn more about how the pandemic was impacted by public transportation, as well as how public transportation is likely to change as a result, from your McAllen ride-share and bussing service.

Did Public Transit Contribute to the Pandemic?

As the pandemic spread across the globe in 2020, public transportation in cities like New York was quickly blamed. With health experts warning citizens to avoid crowds and enclosed spaces, it’s no surprise that buses and subways were viewed with fear. 

However, that fear may have been overblown.

According to reporting done by The Atlantic, studies conducted in cities like Paris have shown that no transmission clusters could be blamed on public transit systems. While ridership dropped globally, analysts argued that if public transportation was such a major threat, higher infection rates would have been seen in dense metropolitan areas, like Hong Kong.

Short-Term Impacts on Public Transportation

In order to combat the public perception that public transportation could contribute to virus transmission, cleaning efforts have become increasingly important and increasingly visible. Health and safety campaigns have become a staple of public transportation agencies, letting riders know that public transit is still a safe option.

Of course, another new sight on buses and subways globally was the adoption of mask-wearing. It’s likely that each of these effects will persist until all coronavirus variants are brought under control.

Public Transportation in the Future

Many of the things and people that we usually take for granted were especially important for combatting the pandemic. Essential workers emerged as heroes in the public discourse, but support for those workers stayed largely the same. 

Countless essential workers rely on public transportation to get them to work, and all of us then rely on their services. Providing these workers with the public infrastructure they need is key to improving the way our cities and towns function overall.

With that in mind, the pandemic has spurred a renewed interest in the importance of accessible low-income transportation. In the future, we hope to see that trend continue.

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There’s no denying that the potential risk of catching COVID-19 can be frightening. Due to the seriousness of the issue, it’s imperative that we take the time to understand how the virus works, and that means letting citizens know that public transportation is safe and reliable, even during a pandemic.

If you have any questions about taking public transportation and following safety precautions, reach out to Metro McAllen today to learn more. We can get you wherever you need to go in McAllen.

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