Traveling Art

Public Art

Keep McAllen Beautiful has taken its mission to new levels. A call to artists resulted in the beautifully designed scenery circling above ground pipes. What a wonderful way to mask the dull grey structures!

Frida Kahlo

Patrons of the McAllen Library were treated to exhibits celebrating the life and works of Frida Kahlo. Majestic!

Van Gogh

The City of McAllen joined the ranks of larger metropolises who have been given the opportunity to host the interactive display of Van Gogh’s works. Fans experienced their own Starry Night.

Monarch Mural

Mayor Villalobos unveiled “Destino Monarca”, a mural created by artist Irving Cano as a tribute to the flight of the monarch. City leaders have actively engaged the community to conserve and restore the monarch butterflies’ habitat. Visit Quinta Mazatlán to view the fantastic art work and learn how you too can take action to protect the monarch.